Top 10 Managed Security Service Companies - 2016

Delta Risk: Provisioning Security with People, Processes, and Technology

Scott Kaine, CEO, Delta RiskScott Kaine, CEO
Most small and mid-sized businesses operate under the impression that because of their size, or because they’re taking at least minimal security precautions, they can avoid cyber attacks. However, the drastically increasing incidents of data breaches and cyber attacks narrate a different story. According to IDC’s 2014- 2018 forecast report, 71 percent of security breaches targeted small business. Given the lack of in-house resources or expertise, enterprise security in small and mid-size businesses is no easy feat. “Owing to lack of staffing and expertise, CIOs and CTOs in mid-market firms cannot scale to recruit and retain security staff, and keep up with security trends,” begins Scott Kaine, CEO, Delta Risk. This is where Delta Risk steps in to assist mid-market firms with tailored, high-impact cybersecurity and risk management services. “As cyber criminals are rapidly changing their methodologies and tactics, organizations need to be fluid. Delta Risk offers flexibility combining the latest technology with trained and experienced analysts to offer cyber defense and security management solutions,” states Kaine.

With the surge of cloud adoption and mobility, the traditional boundaries of businesses are blurring and expanding beyond the office networks to platforms like corporate IT, home networks, mobile, cloud services, and more. “Enterprises are leveraging apps like Salesforce and Microsoft Office 365, among many others, so their ability to control the data is limited,” explains Kaine. Along these lines, Delta Risk offers a vendor-agnostic managed security solution—ActiveEye—that expands far beyond the perimeters of an office, protecting endpoints, securing devices, and data both on and off company networks. The firm’s compliance-ready managed security services include advanced endpoint protection, internal traffic analysis, and cloud application security, network-layer protection to secure the internal, external as well as boundaries of a network.

“We are focused on ensuring our clients are prepared prior to and during a cyber attack,” states Kaine.

We are focused on ensuring our clients are prepared prior to and during a cyber attack

“Whether it is training, monitoring their network, or ensuring the company has the proper protocols in place, our preventative approach to cyber security mitigates risk and helps reduce the impact of attacks, compared to organizations that have a reactive cyber posture.”

Addressing the security and compliance needs in organizations, the team at Delta Risk leverages advanced security tools and processes to sift through the overwhelming amount of data to detect potential threats. For the firms that are run on and hosted by cloud application providers, ActiveEye suite of cybersecurity services scans the traffic and determines if any sensitive information is leaving the company through these applications.

Accentuating the frequency and severity of malicious network attacks, the CEO elucidates that People, Process, and Technology—the three pillars in an organization— should be on par to minimize security risks. “Our information security and vendor assessment process offers a holistic view of how are the people performing, if they following the right process and policies, and lastly, if they have the right technology in place to mitigate the risks associated to their specific business model,” explains Kaine.

The essence of Delta Risk is focused on exercising abilities where the team simulates a scenario (a cyber incident) at a client’s organization to assess their defenses and controls in an event of a cyber attack. The firm then offers them hands-on training, consultative and collaborative services, and guidelines. This process enables the organizations to evaluate their vulnerability and escalate their resiliency towards security attack by testing new procedures before implementation.

Steered by a team of seasoned cyber security experts, Delta Risk provides organizations with greater sense of control over their applications and data being used and hosted by outsourced cloud providers as well as their own network.