Top 10 Managed Security Service Companies - 2018

Delta Risk: Cybersecurity Across Hybrid IT Environments

Scott Kaine, CEO, Delta RiskScott Kaine, CEO
Modern managed security service providers (MSSPs) must offer robust strategies to ensure cybersecurity by addressing three key areas of hybrid environments: endpoints, networks, and cloud infrastructure. As more and more organizations move data, applications, development, and other business elements to the cloud, they need flexible security solutions that provide visibility and control over environments like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Office 365, as well as expert advice to take advantage of them.

With a holistic approach that includes people, process, and technology, Delta Risk is a modern MSSP that is doing just that, offering a wide range of solutions for hybrid IT environments that allow organizations to focus on their core business, and reduce costs and headaches in the process. Scott Kaine, CEO of Delta Risk, explains, “Our clients rely on us for advanced strategic, operational, and advisory cybersecurity services to protect their organizations and assets.”

Delta Risk’s approach is based on building long-term relationships and tailoring solutions to meet clients’ business needs. For organizations that lack expert in-house staff, Delta Risk acts as an extension of their security team, working closely with them to secure critical business operations around the clock and fill in the gaps for any missing skill sets. Delta Risk can also provide expert resources for incident response or technical assessments such as penetration testing, for example. For clients that want to handle security in-house, Delta Risk provides the tools necessary for monitoring and managing their security systems. As more businesses migrate workloads to AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform, native cloud infrastructure security capabilities help them identify configuration risks and malicious behavior in these environments as well.
Delta Risk uses machine learning, along with real-time threat analytics, to identify anomalies faster in clients’ environments and detect patterns that may indicate inappropriate use of resources. This can prevent problems from escalating. However, the emphasis is on providing a collaborative customer experience, so that if a security breach does occur, Delta Risk helps them fix the issue quickly, determine the root cause, and ultimately eliminate it, while facilitating a high degree of visibility. “Our approach focuses on combining the people and process elements with technology to tackle risks, and to act as a true partner, not just a vendor selling them one more thing to manage,” adds Kaine.

Our clients rely on us for advanced strategic, operational, and advisory cybersecurity services to protect their organizations and assets

Kaine shares another instance in which Delta Risk helped a financial services company get much-needed visibility into its cloud applications. The client had already been using Delta Risk’s network security services, but required cloud infrastructure security services, too. Delta Risk provided network monitoring and management capabilities and notified the client’s team when malicious activity was detected. Since the engineering and development team was based offshore, the client was using AWS to allow programmers to develop code. However, this made it difficult to see who was accessing information in their cloud environment. Delta Risk identified suspicious activities that posed security risks, which prevented a potential data breach.

Looking to the future, Delta Risk plans to continue enhancing its security platform for modern enterprises adopting Office365, G Suite, and other cloud infrastructure. The company is also expanding on its response automation workflows, eliminating tedious manual investigation steps for clients and enabling faster response times for many security incidents. “Our strategy to hire seasoned cybersecurity professionals and invest in developing our innovative platform ensures that we give our clients the competitive edge they need to move the business forward and keep them safe at the same time,” concludes Kaine.