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Scott Kaine, CEO, Delta RiskScott Kaine, CEO
Businesses today must leverage technology more rapidly and cost-effectively if they want to disrupt a market or challenge competitors. Moving faster means leveraging SaaS applications, shifting workloads to cloud platforms, and enabling employees to work remotely using any device. As a result, IT departments must modernize without sacrificing security – and without slowing down innovation or growth. Still, many companies are finding it difficult to do this as fast as they would like.

“Our focus at Delta Risk is building a modern, cloud-native security platform that directly addresses these challenges,” says Scott Kaine, the CEO of Delta Risk, “We provide the technology and expertise our clients need to prioritize and respond to potential threats faster.” As such, the company has focused this past year on expanding the capabilities within ActiveEye, its Security Operations Center (SOC) as-a-Service platform and building a cybersecurity operations team with diverse skillset to quickly address any threat on premise or in the cloud.

The threat landscape has grown more complex, and recent attacks have shown that every organization is a possible target for today’s financially motivated adversaries. Security tools are evolving, but many companies still lack the skills and expertise to properly deploy them, or the time to investigate and respond to potential threats.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms are spewing high volumes of alerts that can ultimately hide real issues. These legacy platforms require a lot of cycles to maintain, and they don’t extend well to the modern enterprise that is focused on cloud and SaaS. It is expensive to build an in-house security operations center (SOC) and hire a team with the skillset to cover a broad range of technologies. Furthermore, there’s a severe shortage of experienced cybersecurity professionals, making it even harder to find quality talent.
“From a cybersecurity perspective, our clients are continuously facing challenges to grow their business in an increasingly competitive market,” asserts Kaine. “Adopting new technology has a security cost associated with it that’s only magnified by the complexities of an increasingly connected world. The last thing our clients need is a multitude of vendors addressing siloed cybersecurity concerns.”

Delta Risk understands and simultaneously solves this problem with its ActiveEye SOC-as-a-Service. The platform helps clients automate responses within their existing environment and then investigate the most urgent issues instantly or to have Delta Risk’s SOC analysts to do this for them. If the client requires an assessment or additional support, Delta Risk can also provide broad expertise in security services such as compromise assessments, penetration testing, security exercises, and incident response.

Alert fatigue is a common problem where Delta Risk is consistently adding value for customers by managing and monitoring next-generation endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions. The company offers a co-managed model that enables it to identify the most important alerts and eliminate the noise, as well as to remediate any problems that surface, and to give clients the same view of that activity that Delta Risk SOC analysts see.

In one case, for example, Delta Risk’s ability to show a 360-degree view of activities within a client’s IT environments by connecting cloud, endpoint, and network activity helped identify a rogue operation from an employee who had unknowingly succumbed to a phishing attack and immediately resolve the problem before it could cause any damage. “We can also provide post-incident support,” said Kaine. “Following an incident, we work with clients to set up governance and controls through our professional services team to prevent further damage.”

With such immense capabilities, Delta Risk is planning to extend its coverage to more technical platforms. For 2020, the company will focus on the most effective ways to communicate with existing and future customers. “We want the SOC-as-a-Service experience to be very interactive for clients who want a high level of engagement,” concludes Kaine. “We can also add a lot of value for clients who are more hands-off and would prefer entrusting us to carry out our mission to protect their organization.”
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Delta Risk

Delta Risk

San Antonio, Texas

Scott Kaine, CEO

Provides a Co-Managed Security Automation platform backed by 24x7 expert cybersecurity operations team

Delta Risk News

Delta Risk to Provide Enhanced Cloud Configuration and Security Monitoring for Rhythmic Technologies Customers

SAN ANTONIO, TX: Cloud application and infrastructure misconfigurations are behind some of the biggest data breaches this year. To help combat this problem, Delta Risk, a leading provider of SOC-as-a-Service and security services, announced that it will provide advanced cloud configuration and security monitoring for clients of Rhythmic Technologies, a company that develops highly-scalable, cloud native applications leveraging the enhanced capabilities of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Rhythmic Technologies’ customers will benefit from advanced AWS monitoring capabilities in Delta Risk’s cloud-native Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) platform, ActiveEyeSM and analysis against Center for Internet Security (CIS) best practices for safely configuring AWS infrastructure. These features are designed to prevent misconfigurations and data breaches for companies using real-time monitoring and response for AWS GuardDuty, AWS Config, AWS CloudTrail, OS security/audit event logs and application hooks.

“Rhythmic Technologies and Delta Risk complement each other very well,” said Mike Warren, Vice President of Cyber Resiliency Services. “Our ActiveEye platform eliminates more than 95 percent of false positives from thousands of daily security alerts generated by AWS and other cloud providers. Rhythmic Technologies can now offer clients enhanced managed security services for their mission-critical cloud infrastructure.

“Our clients are building and running critical applications in the cloud,” said Cristopher Daniluk, Founder and CEO of Rhythmic Technologies. “By partnering with Delta Risk, we can help them better protect those applications with strong monitoring and response capabilities.”

Cloud providers like AWS are responsible for the security of their platforms and applications. But configuring these platforms securely and identifying anomalous behavior is up to the organizations and individuals using them. In most cases, however, the people setting up accounts and using them are not security experts or specialists in cloud configuration. The result is an accelerating number of breaches that either expose sensitive enterprise data or enable the misuse of cloud accounts for personal financial gain.

Unauthorized access through misuse of employee credentials and improper access controls were the top concerns cited by respondents in the 2019 Cloud Security Research report, along with cloud misconfigurations and insecure APIs. In addition to AWS, Delta Risk also offers security monitoring for Microsoft Office 365 and Azure, Google G Suite, Box, and other cloud applications and infrastructure.

Delta Risk Partners with the Crypsis Group for Incident Response, Digital Forensics

SAN ANTONIO, TX: Delta Risk, a leading provider of SOC-as-a-Service and security services, announced that it has partnered with The Crypsis Group, a leading incident response, risk management, and digital forensics firm. Delta Risk will leverage The Crypsis Group’s expertise in incident response and risk management – including cases involving ransomware, business email compromise, web server compromise, credit card data theft, and state-sponsored attacks – and Crypsis Managed Security Services customers will benefit from security monitoring and management capabilities in Delta Risk’s cloud native platform, ActiveEyeSM.

“Enterprise environments are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to secure, with the myriad of environments, security solutions and endpoints in the mix,” said Sam Rubin, Vice President, The Crypsis Group. “Many companies lack security professionals with specialized experience or would rather have their staff focus on other business-critical tasks. We are pleased to partner with Delta Risk to offer their expert services to our customers and take the management burden off their internal teams.”

“We’re excited to work with The Crypsis Group,” said Jason Peoples, Director of Partnerships, Delta Risk. “Their proven expertise in incident response and cyber-risk management, combined with our 24×7 security operations center (SOC) capabilities and our cloud native ActiveEye platform, offer a compelling solution set for companies that want cost-effective, transparent security capabilities while simplifying their security operations.”

Delta Risk’s SOC-as-a-Service model offers companies complete visibility into their cloud applications and infrastructure, as well as endpoint and network security activity, enabling faster response to cyber threats and reduced workloads on internal IT and security teams. Delta Risk also offers expertise in security services such as compromise assessments, penetration testing, and cyber security exercises.