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Industrial Security Integrators: Commitment to Comprehensive Security

Paul J. Cella CEO, Industrial Security IntegratorsPaul J. Cella CEO It was during his days at SAIC, a company that provides integration of technology, systems, and operational solutions across a number of intelligence disciplines, that Paul J. Cella observed the sheer number of calls made by small and medium businesses seeking support in managing their security programs. Having spent almost two decades in the field of security operations and beginning his career in intelligence with the U.S. Marine Corps, Cella was well aware of the indispensable need for a sustainable company that can provide Facility Security Officer (FSO) and Personnel Security Services for small to medium Cleared Defense and Intelligence Community Contractors. While still being employed full time, Cella along with Jeanne A. Travis started supporting a handful of clients during their off hours. Clients’ needs ranging from applying for Facility Security Clearances (FCL) that are required to work on classified Government Programs through all aspects of Industrial Security, Compliance, and Management of day-to-day security operations were some of the provided services. Thus the initiative, Industrial Security Integrators (IsI), was started in Cella’s basement in 2010, and soon witnessed both its pioneers Cella, CEO and Travis, President at IsI, completely dedicated to growing IsI into the company it is today. With headquarters in Herndon, VA, IsI is now one of the largest managed security services providers in the U.S. Numerous companies today rely on IsI for FCL service which is critical to establish a footprint in the Department of Defense (DoD) space while remaining compliant with federal regulations to continue to do business with the federal government. Cella and Travis established an Executive Management Team consisting of the most knowledgeable, talented, and brightest security professionals in Industry. The Executive Management Team is a composition of former colleagues of Cella and/or Travis that have regrouped aside each other developing the most diverse collection of professionals that include Kenneth E. Brown (Director of IT Security), Jason B. Earp (Director of Business Development and Technical Lead), and Kelvin R. Carnell (Director of Security Operations). From its humble beginnings, IsI has grown to manage all the security needs of its clients while providing confidence that they will be in full compliance and at a reasonable cost basis. It is also one of the few companies in existence to be approved by the Federal government to support all cleared defense contractors across the globe.

Perfect Blend of Compliance and Security

While the security arena is growing complex, Cella recognizes the upcoming requirement of all cleared defense contractors to implement Change 2 to the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) as one of the greatest challenges in National Industrial Security Program (NISP) in recent times. This DoD regulation is forcing the industry to change the way it does business with respect to national security.
In view of the recent developments, IsI, in partnership with Evans and Chambers Technology, LLC, has developed a state-of-the-art managed security service software called ‘Security Control’ that allows all the Defense and Intelligence Community Contractors to manage their security program while remaining in compliance with DoD regulation. IsI’s software streamlines clearance processing, visitor control, document control, reporting requirements, and insider threats. The software is meant to keep any individual in the role of FSO, compliant with all NISPOM and Intelligence Community requirements. “Security Control is the only software developed that can maintain compliance with the new Change 2 to the NISPOM,” says Cella. The most beneficial feature of the software is that it includes an employee, FSO, and executive management portal that allows the client to view their entire security compliance program, data, and files in real time. The software is built with R&D funds thus demonstrating efficiency wherein a single platform is utilized instead of multiple databases such as JPAS, Scattered Castles, e-FCL, ISFD, and ACCS. “It could reduce the cost of the federal government’s security program by up to $400 million per year, if the government decides to move to a highly secure, single platform,” he adds. The company’s Managed Security Services (MSS) have been recognized by Defense Security Service (DSS) headquarter division for providing superior FSO support. “From a Defense Department standpoint, the level of National Security risk has been significantly reduced with IsI helping ensure full compliance with all NISPOM and Intelligence Community Directive (ICD),” says Cella.

A visionary and a thought leader in IsI, Cella believes in benefiting from advancements in IT and application hosting to increase the effectiveness and speed of security programs. To achieve this, IsI is utilizing cloud technology while maintaining compliance with the government’s top security standards. A recent Allied Market Research report shares a similar view; it predicts the global managed security services market to reach $29.9 billion by 2020, with the cloud-based managed security services deployment model market growing faster than remotely monitored customer premises equipment MSS. Additionally, the company is implementing the highest levels of encryption in transit and at rest to effectively reduce the risk of a data breach as demonstrated by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) data breach in 2015 that affected a majority of individuals with, and/or applying for personnel security clearances with the government. IsI’s software further uses multiple encryption keys to compartmentalize data ensuring that there can never be a full data breach. Moreover, IsI’s fingerprinting equipment and technology is well recognized in the industry as it has resulted in a 99 percent success rate with all fingerprint submissions to the DoD and FBI. “We provide more than 60 percent of all digital fingerprints being submitted to OPM,” remarks Cella.

Aligning Security Programs with Regulation

To ensure complete understanding of a client’s specific needs and offer a turnkey solution to support those needs, IsI’s business development team spends a considerable amount of time communicating with prospective new clientele. Taking a step further, the company reviews and analyzes a client’s existing security programs once it enters into a service agreement with IsI, for overall compliance with the NISP. It is done to better recognize areas of vulnerability within the client’s security program, enabling IsI to offer apt solutions. Also, being a member of the Defense Security Working Group (DSWG), IsI has been able to bring issues to the government’s notice, and address any and all concerns on policy and procedures that are set forth by the government.Having a good partnership with government customers has helped IsI to address and resolve security issues quickly.

The level of National Security risk has been significantly reduced with IsI helping ensure full compliance with all NISPOM and ICD

On several occasions, IsI was able to make a call to its government partner and get the issue in personnel security corrected in the government databases, which allowed the client to start their job on the first day at work without delay. For instance, once a company reached out to IsI for assistance after their Facility Clearance was invalidated due to lack of implementation of the government regulation, IsI stepped in, built their security program to the appropriate standard and the Defense Security Service re-validated their Facility Clearance. A year after their re-validation, the company with the assistance of IsI, went on to receive a Superior rating during their 2016 Security Assessment by the Defense Security Service, which is the highest rating possible during an assessment.

IsI has always been able to coordinate their clients’ efforts to ensure that the facility clearances are processed in a timely manner. Cella’s unwavering commitment to personally engage with each and every employee of IsI and assist them to identify new and improved processes makes it possible to achieve this goal.

“Security Control is the only software developed that can maintain compliance with the new Change 2 to the NISPOM”

The Future of Security

IsI is aiming to streamline the entire security needs of the U.S. Government and Contractor Community into a single platform—facilitating the management of their day-to-day National Security Program. This is expected to allow effective management of all insider threats, and permit counter-intelligence information to be shared across the intelligence community while reducing the risk of loss or compromise of classified materials. “By focusing on our core competencies, we remain dedicated to providing any and all services as it pertains to protecting classified materials and national security,” concludes Cella.

Paul J. Cella CEO, Industrial Security Integrators
- Ava Garsia
    December 05, 2016