Top 10 Managed Security Service Companies - 2017

Foresite: Comprehensive Security for a Successful Business

Marc Brungardt, President, ForesiteMarc Brungardt, President
With advanced security threats, emerging technologies, and the lack of needed specialty security expertise; security posture for businesses is constantly threatened. Attacks have become more predatory and professionalized as cyber dynamics continue to progress. Adoption of technologies like cloud, mobile, and IoT have given rise to wider areas of vulnerability. Additional factors include the absence of specialized security staff exposing businesses to cyber-attacks and compliance fines, ultimately leading to reputation damage.

To fight this frightening reality, Foresite, a Kansas based firm, provides unique security systems management. Foresite offers outsourced monitoring and management of security infrastructure and systems. Services include firewall management, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, and cyber-compliance services. The company’s 24/7 security operation centers provide prompt availability designed to reduce the number of operational security resources and investments a business requires for a robust security strategy. “Our managed security services are designed to help businesses secure their critical assets while saving money and freeing up resources so that they can focus on the core of their business,” remarks Marc Brungardt, President, Foresite.

Foresite stands apart in the managed security services landscape with their proprietary platform, ProVision. The platform aims to assist businesses in asset management,report generation, and leveraging analytics to identify potential vulnerabilities, therefore deducing intelligent business decisions. ProVision offers a fully transparent, top-down view of security operations through in-depth reporting and analysis.”We take customer data and run it against our threat intelligence analytics to determine and escalate threats in an event,” explains Marc Brungardt, President, Foresite. Also, ProVision allows an organization’s security team to streamline identifying potential threats by reducing the number of security alerts. By sorting out false positives within log streams, the system determines and analyzes the threats to be investigated by the security team.

Our managed security services are designed to help businesses secure their critical assets while saving money and freeing up resources so that they can focus on the core of their business

Foresite’s consulting package comes with threat intelligence, security device management, and incident response. The firm is designed to handle assessment services, vulnerability assessment, application & penetration testing, phishing campaigns, and security awareness. The comprehensive package also provides security audits. As Foresite’s number one priority is the client, each client is assessed independently to determine the best approach for their requirements. Foresite’s ProVision enables customers to create personalized policies to detect ‘out of compliance instances’, working cohesively to detect malware and other threats. To deliver an outstanding security foundation, Foresite’s co-managed security infrastructure solutions include minor upgrades, policy configuration, 24/7 administration, log monitoring, and threat response.

From the conception of Foresite, the firm has gained a remarkable reputation within the managed security services environment by providing innovative security solutions. Foresite assisted a merchandising and warehousing client, whose business structure deals with a high number of credit card transactions. To enhance their security posture, Foresite analyzed the customer’s existing infrastructure and diagnosed areas with weak security practices. Foresite recommended high level remediation covering internal policy changes, user training and investments in new technologies. The solutions assisted the customer to seamlessly enhance their security, providing a highly stable and secure environment for business operations.

The future of Foresite aims to continue organized growth, in addition to acquisition opportunities to expand across the United States and internationally. Concurrently, Foresite aims to continue advancing their ProVision platform to meet and exceed the needs of the evolving security landscape. “We are building a lot of new services that can be tightly integrated with the ProVision platform and provide an enhanced experience for the customers in the changing security arena,” concludes Brungardt.