Top 10 Managed Security Service Companies - 2017

Global IP Networks: Building a Secure, Dependable Business Environment

CIO VendorReyner Natahamidjaja, CEO
Most business owners talking points and meetings normally revolve around their core business. IT security captures minimal value in their planning and often tagged as an undue expenditure. However, undermining IT security may prove fatal in this age of cyber-attacks and espionages that often lead to thousands of dollars in lost business, regulatory fines, and a damaged reputation. Many are unaware of the dark web’s existence. Consider the most recent breach at Equifax, a giant credit bureau. A False sense of security will be revealed because hackers will hack. It’s just a matter of time.

IT security should be among the first few talking points by CEO’s and business owners and for that, they need a trusted security concierge who speaks the language. Global IP Networks allows enterprises to focus on their key areas of business practices by eliminating security holes to prevent breaches. "We understand security and what it means for organizations of all levels. For the last 17 years, one of our strengths is to create a secure and dependable business environment for our clients, because taking excellent care of their business is our business,” states Reyner Natahamidjaja, CEO and Chief Steward of Global IP Networks. “We also assist our clients to be compliant within industry standards such as PCI, HIPAA and SOC.”

Before commencing managed security and service delivery, a team of solution architects and engineers from Global IP Networks conduct a detailed study of the clients' business and discern the intricacies and nuances in their industries. Visits to the clients' facility, one-to-one interactions with their IT decision makers, and gaining first-hand knowledge of how IT should perform within their business framework help Global IP Networks to craft a holistic IT security strategy. "Our aim is simple, we want everything to work in peace and harmony, and for that security is a must, not an option,” remarks Natahamidjaja.

One of our strengths is to create a secure and dependable business environment for our clients, because taking excellent care of their business is our business

At a marginal cost, Global IP Networks harbors client’s business information in its secure data centers while its managed security team safeguards their systems. The company assists the clients through a gamut of services that include secure IT hosting, monitoring and maintenance of business assets, compliant IT design and remediation, threat management, data migration and business continuity plan.

Natahamidjaja acquaints us with the fact that compliance plays a crucial role in the customization of the service and the solution. For instance, one recent project was to explore the gaps in HIPAA and PCI requirements for a pharmaceutical company. Global IP Networks mapped the virtual and production servers, secured the network and data, and streamlined the workflow to make their client compliant with the HIPAA and PCI regulations. Subsequently, Global IP Networks was tasked to manage all aspects of IT that includes IT as a service, infrastructure as a service, business continuity and user support. As a result, their client not only could meet the compliance but also focus its resources on its core practices.

Since inception, the top leadership applies the caring-culture and aim for the company to be recognized as the best place to work. Natahamidjaja firmly believes in serving others the way we want to be served, transparency and no self-serving-politics approach. “A strong family makes a strong team, and a strong team is what we need for a successful mission critical project,” says Natahamidjaja. In the upcoming days, the company looks forward to setting its footprint in additional markets throughout the U.S.