Top 10 Managed Security Service Companies - 2017

Intrust IT: Ushering an Era of Cost-effective Cybersecurity Solutions

CIO VendorTim Rettig, President & CEO
Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) are increasingly being targeted by cyber criminals, requiring increased focus on cyber security protection. Business owners know that a little negligence can lead to a major mishap draining thousands of dollars from the company's treasure, which they cannot afford. The constraints in the budget have often restricted such organizations from adopting a full blown cyber security solution. The good news is that new managed IT services have evolved to solve this challenge. These new managed cyber security solutions offer proven enterprise-level protections that are much more sophisticated than what an SMB can implement on their own, allowing SMBs to move at a quicker pace and in tandem with current security trends.

Intrust IT managed cyber security service simplifies the cyber security puzzle for SMBs, keeping systems up to date and protected by multiple layers of security, thereby removing vulnerabilities and averting attacks. The protection carries a $1 million ransomware protection guarantee with it, which is unique to the industry.

Gone are the days when anti-virus took care of most of the threats that an organization encountered. Today, the threat landscape looks more horrid. The sophistications and nuances of a cybercriminals have evolved with time. Attacks on endpoint systems, especially ransomware, are becoming commonplace and is forcing organizations to look for next generation threat aversion technologies.
Intrust IT addresses this with its effective endpoint protection that monitors software for suspicious behavior and responds definitively at machine speed. “Our ransomware protection works so well to prevent attacks that it has a one million dollar guarantee,” remarks Tim Rettig, President and CEO.

Intrust IT’s managed services are cost-effective solutions that stabilize IT expenses while ensuring that data is kept safe and users productive. The complete solution gives a company of any size a complete IT department at their disposal. This team handles strategic IT planning, cyber risk mitigation, computer infrastructure management, and remote and on-site IT user support. The top-notch customer service of Intrust IT allows organizations to focus more on business rather than worrying constantly about IT issues.

Intrust IT provides the best cyber security protection available, backed by a one-million-dollar ransomware guarantee

For larger organizations that might have an IT department, Intrust IT provides all of the cyber security protection that is required, which reduces the pressure on internal IT department resources to thwart rapidly evolving cyber threats. On demand resources are also available to assist over-loaded internal IT departments with projects or even with resolving day to day support issues.

Intrust IT has been in business for over 25 years and has amassed experience with just about every type of technology, in a wide range of industries. Going forward, Intrust IT endeavors to continue to solve the technology challenges of businesses so that technology can be a business enabler for organizations of any size.