Top 10 Managed Security Service Companies - 2016

London Security Solutions: Non-Traditional Techniques for Traditional Security Solutions

Dennis London, Co-founder and VP, London Security SolutionsDennis London, Co-founder and VP
To keep up with the advancements in information security, enterprises implement high-level and often complex security solutions without having adequate technical personnel needed to run the solutions efficiently and effectively. “The speed at which technologies are advancing, especially those with regard to security, organizations are finding it difficult to cope with the ever changing needs,” begins Dennis London, Co-founder and VP, London Security Solutions. “Many organizations have little experience from the installation of let alone the training on how to use the product. Most are limited to whatever training was provided by the professional services team used to perform the install.” In such a scenario, leveraging London’s experience of over 25 years in the information security industry, London Security Solutions (LSS) provides successful practices to help organizations harden their security posture and improve performance. London explains, “We have ‘been there’ and ‘done that’. We empower clients to maximize security investments by assisting them with installation, configuration, implementation, and on-going operations.”

The company provides managed security services for a wide array of solutions, focusing mainly in delivering services for McAfee technologies. Primarily, the client owns the solutions on-premise, so LSS establishes a secure connection with the client’s environment and works as a remote team member to provide day-to-day management. “We fill the security skills gap to help clients fine-tune and customize the solution to deliver the benefits of their security investment,” asserts London. Since clients receive services remotely, all of the client’s security and data stays internal to their organization maintaining data integrity. In case clients no longer require the assistance of the company, LSS helps customers achieve a seamless transition to internal resources. “Clients need not worry about replacing any of our hardware or migrating data from our cloud; they have complete ownership of their solutions.” Alongside managed services for McAfee, the company also partners with Symantec, Sophos, and others. LSS advocates a multi-layered approach to security by partnering with firms like OpenDNS to deliver security at the DNS layer. The recent DDoS against the east coast proved that LSS OpenDNS customers were protected with no loss of connectivity.

We are helping clients use their traditional security solutions by providing remote managed services and are assisting some clients who are transitioning to newer cloud delivered security solutions

With managed security services, LSS enables organizations to overcome security concerns using integrated solutions for maximum efficacy. The company’s ability to manage customer’s on-premise end-point security solutions creates a silver lining to its stature in the market. “We are helping clients use their traditional security solutions by providing remote managed services and are assisting some clients who are transitioning to newer cloud delivered security solutions,” elucidates London.

In one instance, Kitsap Credit Union, a non-profit financial cooperative, required a security framework meeting the regulatory standards of GLBA, FFIEC, and NCUA. The Credit Union was already using McAfee products. However, the staff was spending too much time trying to close support cases with McAfee rather than performing mission critical tasks. Kitsap also faced budgetary challenges and did not have funds to hire more people. LSS’ managed services team conducted a McAfee ePO health check and optimized Kitsap’s security architecture. After taking over the daily management of Kitsap’s McAfee infrastructure, their threat prevention posture exceeded NCUA auditing standards; LSS closed long-standing support cases in record time, and did so without the need for new hires.

LSS continues to expand its footprint in the market by addressing the pain points in the security space. “Through a controlled and organic growth, we have been able to maintain 100 percent customer loyalty over the past 5 years. Our growth lies in improving the relationship between our partners and customers,” concludes London.