Top 10 Managed Security Service Companies - 2018

Lunarline: A Must-Have Partner for Threat Prevention

Waylon Krush, President & CEO, LunarlineWaylon Krush, President & CEO
In the face of cyberthreats, businesses need an army of well-trained cybersecurity professionals to safeguard their systems, data, and infrastructure. However, fortifying security posture is an enormous task that involves employing cyberhunt, malware analysis, operations, incident response, and compliance teams to determine the threat and nullify it. Also, the majority of the enterprises, irrespective of their size, lack the necessary personnel and therefore search for partners to fill the gap. Lunarline provides outsourced security support and secures businesses against the spectrum of threats with its solutions and services. “We adapt our portfolio to customers’ unique security requirements to protect their brand, infrastructure, and capabilities,” adds Waylon Krush, president and CEO at Lunarline.

Lunarline mitigates threats for its clientele ranging from federal defense and intelligence agencies to commercial organizations. The company collaborates with clients to understand their nature of business and compliance, cybersecurity and privacy requirements. Known as Managed Active Response Security (MARS), the core objectives of this service are to “analyze, investigate, report, and respond.” As a part of MARS, the firm provides 24 X 7 monitoring for network, security, system performance, logs, IDS/IPS, and uptime and availability. Lunarline also undertakes security event correlation and analysis to determine the source of threats.

Injecting efficiency in security-related processes is another critical mission for Lunarline. To this end, the firm empowers its clients to automate routine security processes with tools like LunarGravity. This solution saves clients from investing a significant amount of time in extracting data from the vulnerability reports. It converts files from the vulnerability scanner into a consolidated accessible Excel workbook that includes incident information with risk level and a list of hosts where the vulnerability was spotted.

Lunarline has recognized how automation is vital in responding to threats and developed LunarAirlock. The product processes scripts embedded in files called locksets, which automate the task of applying secure configuration baseline for platforms such as Windows 7, Windows Server 2012, or Internet Explorer 10. LunarAirlock gives user privileges to run all scripts or only an individual subset.

We adapt our portfolio to customers’ unique security requirements and protect their brand, infrastructure, and capabilities

Apart from automating and optimizing intricate processes, Lunarline triumphs in determining threats related to specific systems and assets. Its solution, LunarGroundStation sorts malware, vulnerability, and threat intelligence reports and enables users to prioritize security for a particular asset based on them. In its attempt to provide a complete picture of the threat exposure for one specific device, the solution fetches information from multiple government, commercial, and open-source threat sources. Users can ask for new feeds to be added in accordance with their requirements.

Lunarline goes an extra mile to enrich clients with data in real time through its LunarDownLink solution that fetches information from satellites directly. It pulls information that can affect a client’s brandadversely. LunarDownLink has an inbuilt dashboard that shows the analysis of social media accounts, open-source postings, and also dark web chatter and postings. Lunarline’s holistic services and cutting-edge solutions have assisted clients in strengthening their security postures. For instance, one of the clients had to deploy a security mechanism immediately after a significant breach. Lunarline assisted in hiring security professionals and building new practices and filled the gaps with its managed services. Eventually, the client leveraged a robust security practice before commencing and orchestrating operations in a safe environment.

As Lunarline’s solutions easily integrate with clients’ threat prevention tools, their existing suite of solutions and services continue to function without a glitch. At the end of the day, the company ensures success with “work together and work well” philosophy.