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NorthState Technology Solutions: Tailor-Made Security Strategies

Gaudy Jandron, Vice President of Managed Services Design and Quality, NorthState Technology SolutionsGaudy Jandron, Vice President of Managed Services Design and Quality
As cyber attacks continue to evolve, organizations across the globe are driven to fortify their security strategies. According to Avast Software, a leading antivirus provider, during the Wannacry cyberattack there were more than 213,000 detections across 112 countries. These statistics reflect the fact that with the advancement of technology, adversaries are improving their attack methods, reinforcing the role of a managed security service provider in safeguarding critical infrastructure and data. Recognizing the changing threat landscape, NorthState’s Technology Solutions business unit provides secure, enterprise-class infrastructure and security solutions engineered to address the requirements of a diverse range of businesses. NorthState assists organizations worldwide in achieving business outcomes and maximizing the value of their IT investments through managed security services designed to enable the business, detect cyber attacks, and remediate issues that hinder critical business operations.

At NorthState, industry experts strive to understand the unique requirements of a client’s business before providing a customized solution.“We gain situational awareness of our client’s environment and couple that with our deep understanding of cyberthreats to design and deploy intelligent and context driven security monitoring and management solutions,” explains Gaudy Jandron, Vice President of Managed Services Design and Quality, NorthState. NorthState’s solutions are not just reliant on system generated alerts or templated response scripts. Instead, they are based on a comprehensive understanding of the client’s environment, technology, and adversary tactics and techniques.

With years of cybersecurity experience, NorthState’s team of experts help clients identify indicators of risk and compromise in their environment, and delivers solutions to mitigate them effectively.

NorthState Technology Solutions provides clients with comprehensive security assessments, customized to the needs of their business

Furthermore, NorthState brings security and operational expertise and efficiencies to clients who rely on technology as a core business enabler. “We partner with our clients to understand their business drivers and how technology enables their core business so that our services deliver value and support the business outcomes our clients desire to achieve,” Jandron said.

Jandron directs NorthState with a “take care of the client first” mentality by focusing on service restoration regardless who or what is at the root cause of an incident. NorthState’s managed security services portfolio includes Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems (IDS/IPS), URL filtering, next-generation firewalls, web application firewalls, and endpoint security solutions. North State’s platform provides performance, availability, and health monitoring and is ideal for clients who have the resources in-house to restore IT services or a security team that is focused on rapid threat detection. In addition, North State offers a Premium option, including 24/7/365 support, for clients who desire to free up IT resources so that they can focus on delivering strategic initiatives while NorthState monitors and manages the technology critical to their business or for those clients who lack resources skilled in prevention and detection of security threats and threat actors.

The company remains at the forefront of providing managed security services to various leading organizations across industries including retail, health, manufacturing, and finance. NorthState has built a stellar reputation through its tailor-made security solutions and is continuously evolving its product portfolio to provide a fully comprehensive digital ecosystem that serves clients’ IT and cybersecurity needs.