Top 10 Managed Security Service Companies - 2017

Open Systems AG: Managed SD-WAN Security Guaranteed

Renato Iten, President and CEO, Open Systems AGRenato Iten, President and CEO
Corporate IT teams more than ever demand an integrated and seamlessly implemented solution to ensure the availability and security of their business infrastructure and business critical applications. In essence, network operations and security go hand in hand. Open Systems AG focuses keenly on a fully integrated service portfolio to support organizations in securing the availability and operational consistency of their ICT infrastructure. These services, comprising network security monitoring, WAN encryption, enterprise firewall, and identity management among others, function round the clock offering clients absolute transparency of the status of their networks and applications in real time. “We are unique in our proposition as most of our equivalents singularly focus on technology while we combine technology, highly automated processes and the best human expertise available on the market to deliver a single point of contact for SD-WAN and security,” says Renato Iten, president and CEO of Open Systems in the United States.

Open Systems’ customers usually begin with the SD-WAN service as it can be easily deployed. Secondly, the company extends its operations to security services. Iten highlights Open Systems’ network security monitoring service that merges company-wide security sensor capabilities to fix the gap between traditional detection coupled with incident monitoring and response. Additionally, it creates a unified presentation layer which represents a broad scope from management-friendly global risk ratings to packet-level details.
Elaborating on managed security services, he draws a parallel between the protection of a building and security monitoring of a network. In a building, security is employed at the gate whereas today one must presume the occurrence of a breach and make sure there is patrol inside the building as well.

We combine technology, highly automated processes and the best human expertise available on the market to offer clients a single point of contact for SD-WAN and comprehensive security

At present, Open Systems heavily focuses on the U.S. market where it has a strong customer base. Iten refers to one such customer that was struggling with data security issues while also striving to reduce operational complexity to a bare minimum. At this point, Open Systems jumped into action and offered the client both a network layer and an application and security layer from a single point of contact. The result was impressive: the service ensured security, consistency, as well as transparency for the client. After the implementation, the customer had 10 times more bandwidth with a cost reduction of 25 percent.

Taking a holistic approach to managed security, Open Systems marches ahead with the goal to continue protecting organizational assets of clients and connect them with high reliability. The team at Open Systems is currently working towards upgrading its SOC service in addition to developing end-user protection so as to get a broader picture of not just the network but also the machines. Iten here makes special mention of Open Systems’ newly appointed Chairman of the Board, Amit Chatterjee who he approves as ‘a Security as a service (SECaaS) pro’ and believes will assist the team to grow quickly in the American market.