SecureNetMD: Network Protection with HIPAA-Compliant Solutions

Drew Laroche, Co-Founder & CIO, SecureNetMDDrew Laroche, Co-Founder & CIO
In the wake of recent high-profile breaches and cyberattacks against enterprises, companies face immense pressure to maintain high-level security and thwart perpetrators. The need of the hour is a strong partnership that pays attention to the precise needs of an organization in keeping their data secure. SecureNetMD, a division of ThinkSecureNet, a Managed IT Solution provider serving within eight industry channels, is that partner that is assisting organizations to embrace technology for achieving their business goals through strategic technological methods for seamless efficiency. A HIPAA Compliant solution provider that promises healthcare leaders and organizations with security tools for network protection, SecureNetMD’s journey began ten years ago when healthcare providers were switching over from paper records to electronic medical records. As the need for a network and cyber security increased, the company’s HIPAA Compliant services expanded to include managed security solutions that improve the security posture for providers by applying a holistic look at the individual needs of healthcare organizations.

Among various technologies in the market, such as malware detection, firewall tools, and anti-virus software, endpoint protection has become a crucial element in network security. In collaboration with an endpoint security provider, Carbon Black, SecureNetMD monitors the network for suspicious activities. In the event of a cyberattack, they contact the onsite security team and supply next level support to prevent the virus from spreading. “We make sure the technology plan we propose to our client meets their expectations by enabling them to maintain compliance standards according to their business vertical,” says Drew Laroche, the co-founder and CIO of SecureNetMD.
The company’s motto is to have a business-first approach to technology—aligning technology around the individual needs of an organization. Depending upon the complexity of their clients’ network, SecureNetMD offers customizable solutions, and monitors and scans different event IDs continuously. Offering professional advice on overcoming vulnerabilities within an infrastructure helps organizations optimize their productivity levels. The differentiating factor of SecureNetMD is their dedication to HIPAA compliance. Laroche states that all their employees are trained and updated on HIPAA laws to make sure that everyone understands its importance and follows them ardently. One of their core values is Service Excellence. Providing customized and modified technological solutions by understanding the client’s needs facilitates them to establish a true partnership with their customers. In one such instance, one of their clients approached them for the improvements they needed on a previously outsourced service desk. SecureNetMD had a thorough audit of all the support tickets posted the previous year and classified them after speaking with the executive team. This resulted in the creation of a service desk with customized software that met the needs of the client. Laroche adds, “One way we partner with our clients is not only by solving their problem, but also by setting a foundation for the future.”

Meanwhile, being recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in American and a Top 10 healthcare company in the state of Delaware by Inc. 5000 has encouraged the organization to deliver better customer outcomes. SecureNetMD consistently aims to introduce high-grade tools by exploring the latest technological advances while mitigating costs and empowering companies to maintain compliance. By launching training sessions, they look forward to educating their clients on cybersecurity to spread the awareness of a secure environment within an organization. By creating a strong presence in their west coast operations, the company intends on a joint collaboration to provide wireless broadband services in rural areas.

Next on the agenda, the company has plans to launch a telehealth seminar for physicians and executives to educate them on clinical health care from a HIPAA-compliant perspective. Supporting local groups, such as Sussex County STEM Alliance, for the future advancement of children proves their widespread reach within the community. To top it all, their efforts to identify customers’ needs with their business-first approach makes SecureNetMD a popular brand name, standing out amongst its competitors.