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Chris Moschovitis, Chairman and CEO, ITMGChris Moschovitis, Chairman and CEO
Small and mid-size technology firms have a voracious appetite for talent in cybersecurity and IT because they grow faster, on average, than the rest of the economy. To keep up with the growth spurt, they are forced to compete with Fortune 500 companies that invest substantial resources in employer brand marketing, recruiting, and employee experience to attract top talent.

The New York City-based Information Technology Management Group (www. tmgr.com) was founded in 1989 to address the serious talent shortage in IT and cyber security through their managed services. Having been there from the beginning the company is well aware of the everchanging industry challenges and crafts business-focused solutions to maximize IT value and mitigate the cyber security risks.

“Most organizations believe people who deal with IT can handle cyber security. In reality, IT and cybersecurity are two parallel tracks, where IT generates value, and cybersecurity protects this value. If they intersect, it creates a conflict of interest,” says Chris Moschovitis, chairman and CEO, iTMG. For instance, an organization’s IT mission to make everything run faster could be at odds with their cyber security focus on protection and privacy. Similarly, unlike IT, the cyber security team needs to report directly to the executive management team. Organizations fail to understand this differentiation and make governance mistakes that bring down their cyber security setup.

iTMG’s experienced and certified team delivers proven, dependable, and affordable business solutions with a complete suite of managed IT services, including monitoring, technology support, cloud migration and software development. Their industry-first tool cyber CTRL is a best-of-breed solution that manages governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), automates cyber security response (SOAD), and provides for 24x7 extended detection and response (CDR) services. They also have skilled cyber security and privacy professionals who protect all aspects of the clients’ business 24x7, worldwide. This includes cyber security and privacy audits, penetration testing and vulnerability scanning, GDPR, CCPA, NYDFS, PCI, and HIPAA compliance, as well as cyber security and privacy awareness training.
The company’s custom-built cyberCTRL solution helps clients monitor their sites, orchestrate security responses, and provide all the governance for the cybersecurity and privacy programs.

The combination of the managed services and proprietary tools enables them to establish an endto- end security posture.

“From CISO and CIO/CTO outsourcing, to 24x7 cyber security and IT support services, iTMG’s experts manage all aspects of cyber security and IT for businesses,” adds Moschovitis. iTMG’s approach throughout the onboarding process is centered around business value protection. They begin every engagement by analyzing the systems of the clients and identifying the risks they are exposed to. The company then implements prudent and pragmatic tools to protect these assets as opposed to deploying expensive technology that costs more than the assets themselves.

From CISO and CIO/CTO outsourcing to 24x7 cybersecurity and IT support services, iTMG’s experts manage all aspects of cybersecurity and IT for businesses

Organizations also approach iTMG when there is a breach. The company helps clients recover from the incident and builds and implements a tailored program to ensure the incident doesn’t happen again. In one instance, a mid-market financial services company that experienced a data breach panic reached out to iTMG for help. The company carried out a forensic analysis and realized that it wasn’t a breach but a data exfiltration by a former employee. iTMG deployed a cybersecurity and privacy program that made the client one of the best financial services companies to do business with a resilient and robust security posture.

iTMG’s value drives strength from their inclusive and diverse team from different parts of the world that brings in discrete ideas, concepts, culture, and new ways to deal with technology and people. As a boutique consultancy, the company is a firm believer in diversity since their inception and has established the development side of their business as a certified woman-owned business.

iTMG is aggressively expanding their footprint into South America and Europe. The company is set to implement solutions to protect all aspects of businesses, especially the changing global legislations impacting the privacy and cyber security space.
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New York, NY

Chris Moschovitis, Chairman and CEO

iTMG provides comprehensive managed IT and cybersecurity services to the mid-market. From CISO and CIO/CTO outsourcing to 24x7 cybersecurity and IT support services, its experts manage all aspects of cybersecurity and IT for businesses.