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Top 10 Managed Security Companies - 2019

With security breaches increasing by the day alongside a seemingly endless supply of threats and cybercriminals, enterprise across the globe are feeling outgunned by cybercriminals. Due to the prevalence of high-profile security breaches, business leaders are increasingly making network security a top priority. Yet, many CISOs have an inadequate supply of high-level security skills to deal with the threats. In such a scenario, it is imperative for enterprises to have sound security solutions that can continuously monitor networks, scan vulnerability, detect threats, and manage risks. As a result, many companies are looking to migrate some or all of the risk out of their IT departments and into the hands of managed security providers.

By providing solutions ranging from the prevention of an attack to response and remediation, these security experts help organizations pro-actively defend themselves against cyber-attacks ensuring maximum ROI and the least damage if attacked—saving them millions of dollars. Also, for highly regulated sectors—like healthcare—where keeping the integrity of customer information is the basic need, these managed security providers play a vital role by keeping them abreast of regulatory changes.

Furthermore, enterprises are often challenged with the lack of proper talent base to maintain a secure IT environment and control advanced cybersecurity tools. Managed security providers perceive this increasing challenge as an unprecedented opportunity. To take advantage of this, these providers deliver robust security solutions along with a team of security experts at a lower cost than enterprise IT security teams.

With such a unique approach, managed security providers are promising a feasible way forward and are telling the story of a secured future where adhering to compliance needs and securing the enterprise environment will no more be an issue.

To help organizations select the best managed security provider without breaking a sweat and achieve their long-term business goals, we are glad to present the “Top 10 Managed Security Providers - 2019.”

    Top Managed Security Companies

  • Collabrance is an outsourcing option for progressive MSPs to scale their managed services business faster while managing risks. Collabrance has turnkey offerings for MSPs that enable them to go-to-market with a robust cybersecurity offering that differentiates them from local competitors to capture more opportunity

  • Provides a Co-Managed Security Automation platform backed by 24x7 expert cybersecurity operations team

  • Ingalls Information Security provides organizations with a portfolio of integrated cybersecurity, including incident response, MDR, technical testing, and consulting services. The portfolio of solutions and services are designed to address various use cases, be it prevention of an attack or recovery from a previous one. By devising multiple tools for information security, the company creates multiple layers of cyber security to form the defense-in-depth fortress that safeguards information from unauthorized access or cybercrimes. Through these solution sets, Ingalls nurtures an arsenal of cybersecurity solutions and a plethora of best practices, which ensure the resilience of security infrastructures

  • Expel


    Expel is a managed security service provider who focus on assisting clients in detection andresponse of threats as well as makes them resilient against threats. Their goal is to help all customers ,irrespective of the status quo. Thus,their focus is the elimination of the black boxwithin which managed security service providers (MSSPs) operate. For instance, they do not follow“internal analyst console.”Expel promises to ensure maximum transparency and visibilityto clients by giving them a sneak-peak into what they are doing and how they are doing

  • Foresite


    Foresite helps organizations by empowering them with vigilance and expertise to proactively identify, respond and remediate cyber-threats and breaches. They provide holistic solutions to enterprises through their managed security, cyber consulting, and compliance services. Foresite also considers each client's individual needs and adopts the best approach which is tailored to their requirements.They have also built an unique platform called the ProVision platform that helpsenterprises to manage assets, generate reports, and leverage analytics, enablingthem to make smart business decisions. Further, this platform allows clients ,a visibility of their security position–by enabling them a view of their logs and security efforts

  • Herjavec Group

    Herjavec Group

    Established in 2003, by dynamic IT entrepreneur Robert Herjavec, Herjavec Group provides cyber security products and services to enterprise organizations. They defend the infrastructure of organizations by monitoring their network, systems and data and adding value by providing context and enriching the data which they receive. Basically, they manage cyber security for organizations through –identity services, advisory services, technology architecture and implementation, incident response and many more. Their managed security services are supported by their state-of-the-art, PCI compliant, Security Operations Centers. In addition, they also have a team of certified security professionals

  • Kudelski Security

    Kudelski Security

    Kuldeski Security is a leading cyber security solutions in Europe and specifically ,across United States. Kuldeski Security provides intelligent cyber security solutions that are mapped to needs and strategies of clients. They address challenges through MSS, advisory ,customized innovation, and technology consulting. They provide a whole plethora of services like Security Device Management and Support, Cyber security Assessments, Automation and Orchestration, Penetration Testing, IoT Security Services, Cloud Cyber security services ,and Blockchain security services. What makes them unique is that they adopt a long-term approach to client partnerships enabling them to regularly evaluate the client's security posture and design and deliver solutions to maintain compliance and increase overall security effectiveness of businesses

  • MegaplanIT


    MegaplanIT , an industry expert in security services, enables businesses to combat security and compliance challenges. Their expert team of security consultants works with businesses of all sizes and help them inidentifying, assessing, mitigating, and responding to the cyber and operational risks they face. Their core areas of services consist in: managed security, compliance security, security testing and consulting. They have a track record of retaininglong term partnerships with clientsby ensuring superior services at low cost and with minimal effort on the client's part

  • Optiv


    Founded in 2015,resulting from the combined forcesofAccuvant and FishNet Security ,Optiv Security is a security solutions integrator that helps enterprises to reduce risks by taking a strategic approach to cyber security. They focus on aligning their client's security programs with their service capabilities, so that they may achieve profitable business outcomes.Their full suite of services includeeverything –from strategyto technology. Their services include cyber digital platform, identity and data management, risk management and transformation and threat management. In addition, they also provide security consulting, training and support ,integration and architecture services and security technology to clients

  • VirtualArmour


    Founded in 2001,Virtual Armour is a global cybersecurity and Managed Services Provider that delivers customised solutions to their clients. Focusing on the core areas of advanced networking and security, they ensure enterprises with maximum security by offering around-the-clock alerting, management monitoring, and prevention of threats. Their managed services basically include Security Operations, Risk & Compliance Services, Cloud Security (CASB), Identity & Access Management and On-Premise Infrastructure Services. They also give professional services which includes design, architecture, consulting, assessments, implementation, migration and training .As a bonus, they equip businesses with their hardware and software solutions to help them grow