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Top 10 Managed Security Service Companies - 2017

While the world is at the verge of technological greatness, its eminence is still overshadowed by the fact that its brilliance has empowered several adversaries to prey on the internet world. For years, companies have neglected the importance of an effective network security service. Recent attacks like WannaCry and the breach of Equifax, a large credit bureau, have re-opened the contentious debate of positioning dependable network security service, on top of their priority list. As cyber threats continue to evolve day by day, businesses and companies have been compelled to deploy effective security against these threats with the help of reliable managed security service providers.

The need for integrating security into everyday business operations through a useful predictive analytics is the key for tackling the cyber threats which are increasing in size and severity. With the global market for market security services expected to reach unparalleled heights in coming years, there is an immediate requirement in companies for skilled IT professionals and a complex network infrastructure.

Many companies have realized these demands and have come forward with innovative technological expertise to provide managed security services. These solutions discern between the nuances in the industry and look to create a congenial environment which will raise profits and overpower the rising cyber threats.

To help CIOs, CFOs and CEOs find the right solutions for their Managed Security Service initiatives, a distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CFOs, analysts, and Enterprise Security Magazine’s editorial board have selected the top players in the sector. The companies featured here demonstrate an ability to develop impregnable technologies and methodologies while providing immunity to their customers.

Here presents the Enterprise Security Magazine’s Top 10 Managed Security Service Providers - 2017.

    Top Managed Security Service Companies

  • Anomalix is a leading provider of managed security services that offers cloud-based user behavior analytics solutions that identify enterprise access patterns and enable real-time responses to anomalous activity. The services of Anomalix allows an affordable alternative to in-house operations, maintenance and monitoring, and administration by leveraging the next-generation potential to replace security operations center (SOC) services across identities, data, applications, networks, and infrastructure on-site or cloud. Anomalix’s managed security services reduce software, hardware, and human capital costs from the security equation that increases flexibility to concentrate on companies initiatives instead of administrative and operational aloft connected with enterprise cybersecurity.

  • Delta Risk is a managed security service provider (MSSP) which enables 24x7 monitoring, consulting, and guidance to a secure environment to businesses and the public sector clients. The company offers visibility and control by bringing together the cyber policy, infrastructure protection, and technical security expert communities to aid consumers to secure their networks and data. Delta Risk provides services such as SaaS application security, cloud infrastructure security, endpoint security, and network security. Delta Risk’s ActiveEye provides flexible technology and security expertise to detect and respond to the threats by continuously monitoring the system and data inside and outside the network.

  • Foresite is a provider of managed security, cyber consulting, and compliance services focused on delivering comprehensive solutions to protect companies from cyber-threats. Foresite assists companies to protect their critical assets via unparalleled security intelligence and services such as intrusion detection, managed firewall, and vulnerability scanning by providing outsourced monitoring and management of security infrastructure and systems service. The ProVision platform of the company delivers transparency and a top-down view of the security operations of the organization via in-depth reporting and analysis. The incident response service of Foresite stops attacks in tracks of organizations, spot the damage, mitigates future damage, and gathers relevant pieces of evidence for criminal, civil, or regulatory proceedings.

  • Global IP Network provides managed security services and enterprise data center facilities. It delivers end-to-end service, technical expertise, and service consistency by leveraging advanced IT support capabilities. By offering resources like network and infrastructure maintenance, desktop and device optimization, and data backup and restoration and continuously monitoring the IT environment of the companies, GIP solves their problem before they impact the business. The proactive network administration, timely IT implementations, and escalation support enhance the in-house IT capabilities of the companies and help to reduce costs and improve return on investment. GIP resolves the technology challenges of the companies by providing the expert team with the management and technical experience and helps organizations reach their business goals through design and budget planning, vendor and contract management, performance management and quality assurance, and continuous service improvement.

  • Intrust IT works to find affordable solutions to optimize IT management investment of the companies, lowering the IT expenses for computer network maintenance. It is a managed security services company for small and medium-sized organizations. The company fulfills the requirements of the businesses such as IT support consulting, remote and on-site IT support, computer network infrastructure management services, network and server support, technology consulting, wireless networking, and computer network installation. Intrust IT shields the data and network from outside threats by monitoring the systems of the businesses with a fixed monthly price.

  • NorthState Technology Solutions is a provider of comprehensive security solutions by identifying the unique security requirements of businesses. The managed security services of the company are designed to lower cybersecurity risks and the impact of threats by monitoring and managing security controls. NorthState Technology Solutions has designed carbon black projects management to manage, administer, maintain, and monitor carbon black projects management console and agents located across the company’s network and reduce the risk and impact of the security threats with real-time analysis of the situation. The company delivers technology assurance with business-specific IT and data center solutions to its clients enabling them to match the pace and challenges of digital transformation.

  • Open system AG is a prominent provider of managed secure SD-WAN for global organizations to tenably secure the availability and operational balance of their ICT infrastructure. The managed secure SD-WAN reduces the cyber risks, simplifies regulatory compliance, and eliminates the need for maintaining an ecosystem. The encryption and routing of WAN traffic efficiently ensure secure communication between sites. The open system protects every system of the company against any breach or attack from the internal network and internet by detecting and analyzing the anomalies. It allows organizations to create new business models that are driving market disruption and opportunity with built-in security and analytics.

  • TrustNet is a leading provider of cybersecurity and compliance solutions including managed security, compliance assessments, security testing, and awareness. As a managed security platform, TrustNet delivers file integrity monitoring, intrusion detection, log management, vulnerability management, and wireless intrusion detection. The company has been helping the medium-sized organization and large organization as a strategic partner in both the private and public sector to safeguard the security and integrity of their business across industries since 2003. TrustNet operates highly secure SOC with multiple expandable network connections and cloud-based backup. With an affordable fixed monthly fee, the company provides software, hardware, and services for on-premise and the cloud.

  • Trustwave, a managed security services provider, is a leading player in enabling companies to fight cybercrime, reduce security risk, and protect data of the businesses. Trustwave helps companies to embrace digital transformation securely by providing a comprehensive portfolio of managed security services, consulting, security testing, technology solutions, and cybersecurity education. The company leverages cloud and managed security services and integrated technologies to provide solutions across industries from healthcare to financial services and education.

  • TSC Advantage provides services that support risk assessment, compliance, and information security needs of federal government and private sector organizations. Headquartered in Silver Spring, the company is an innovative leader in managed services which provide an objective understanding of the security posture to help companies to prioritize resources for a proactive and holistic defense of organizations. The secure halo platform of the company simplifies aggregation, scoring, and third-party updates and streamlines assessments that allows companies to make well-informed decisions faster. The managed security services remove the burden of challenges of IT security such as the massive amount of data to analyze, emerging threats, patches, and software updates of the companies which lack expertise and financial resources.