Top 10 Managed Security Service Companies - 2017

TrustNet: Building Trusted Relationships

Trevor Horwitz, Founder & CISO , TrustNetTrevor Horwitz, Founder & CISO
Growing up in South Africa, Trevor Horwitz, TrustNet’s Founder and CISO, experienced many life-enriching moments in the African savanna. He learned how the most successful species are well protected, vigilant, and constantly adapt to their surroundings to evade predators. These insights later became guiding principles for managing cyber security threats at his cyber security venture, TrustNet. Today, with more than a decade of experience, TrustNet serves organizations of all sizes, across multiple industries, in the United States and around the world.

“TrustNet helps businesses build trusted relationships with their customers, partners, and employees. As a leading provider of managed security, TrustNet provides 24/7 coverage, quality services, and resilient technology at a competitive price,” states Horwitz. TrustNet acquaints itself with the minutest details of a client’s network, monitors network traffic, and analyzes factors that impact security. The company’s managed security platform provides a broad, in-depth awareness of each client’s cyber environment via an integrated monitoring and reporting suite. TrustNet secures the entire infrastructure stack for on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments including public clouds like AWS and Microsoft Azure and private clouds on VMware and Hyper-V. To fortify its managed security platform, TrustNet leverages its connection to 53,000 providers across 140 countries, aggregating more than 10 million threat indicators every day. TrustNet utilizes these threat indicators to create a security shield that protects clients from insiders, outsiders, vendors and trusted third-parties within their ecosystem.

As a prelude to service delivery, TrustNet discerns a client’s evolving needs and aligns those with compliance requirements like PCI, SOX, HIPAA, and others.
TrustNet’s platform provides continuous asset discovery and inventory of a client’s systems. Apart from internal and external vulnerability management, it performs threat detection, behavioral monitoring, log management, and file integrity monitoring. In addition, TrustNet’s security experts collaborate with clients to resolve ongoing critical security issues. The service delivery includes year-round consultations as well as well-structured reports and insights for the C-suite.

TrustNet’s array of cutting-edge services and solutions enables each client- regardless of its size and complexity-to operate in a secure environment. For instance, a large, well-known US university has a vast distributed network that extends over the campus, city, and international locations. The university collects, manages, and stores sensitive information and processes millions of payment card transactions. Ensuring network security and reliability are essential for the client to maintain its standards in higher education. Since each department within the institution has operational independence, monitoring security and network posture can be challenging. TrustNet’s managed security platform protects the university’s workflows and data while maintaining the autonomy of different departments. Now, the university has visibility into ongoing processes and exercises complete control.

TrustNet is an emerging player in the cyber security risk management space and partners with iTrust( to enable risk-aware organizations to measure and monitor cyber risk associated with their third-party relationships. iTrust assigns cyber security risk ratings by collecting cyber security and compliance data from third-party providers, proprietary data feeds, and crowd sourced intelligence. iTrust builds risk profiles from this data for use in vendor risk management, benchmarking, cyber insurance, and mergers and acquisitions.

Round-the-clock security coverage, experience, resilient technology stack, and affordability lend TrustNet its edge. Its synergy with its customers sets TrustNet apart from competitors in the managed security service arena. The company leverages insights from its world-class team, who understand the unique needs of their growing clientele. As TrustNet solves challenges in penetration testing, security awareness, and compliance assessments, it emerges as a clear one-stop shop for managed security services.