Top 10 Managed Security Service Companies - 2016

Trustwave: New wave in Smart Security

CIO VendorRobert McCullen, President & CEO
At a time, when the number of connected devices exceeds the world's population, it is of little debate that 'connectivity is king'. Since seamless digital connectivity today is perceived as the Holy Grail that spirals business productivity, organizations are fast overhauling their traditional enterprise networks to make room for increased wireless capacity, social collaboration tools, and mobile solutions. However, the massive reliance on internet based applications also opens new doors for cyber criminals, raising the need for foolproof managed security services that help attain the right balance between data sharing, privacy, and security. “While in the past, managed security services was mainly reserved for large organizations—with the alarming rise in data breaches, businesses of various sizes are fast realizing the importance of network security to curb reputational damage and information loss,” remarks Robert McCullen, CEO and President, Trustwave. Elevating the security posture of organizations, Trustwave offers cloud and managed security services and unparalleled threat intelligence through integrated technologies for sustainable threat, vulnerability, and compliance management, while saving time and budget.

For complete visibility and control over security needs, the company offers TrustKeeper, a cloud based intuitive platform that unifies on demand security, compliance, and intelligence services. Built to scale, according to the unique needs of each organization, TrustKeeper offers a wide range of services such as managed security, vulnerability scanning, and penetration testing. “TrustKeeper not only consolidates data to provide a useful snapshot of security and compliance posture but users can also identify security weaknesses within networks and applications and take immediate corrective actions,” says McCullen. In case, there is any change in critical files or an unauthorized access to sensitive data is detected, TrustKeeper's file integrity monitoring feature alerts a user about the presence of malware. Moreover, since adhering to compliance requirements is integral in maintaining data security and mitigating risks, TrustKeeper, helps manage enterprise-wide compliance with business-impacting regulations and standards including Payment Card Industry (PCI), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), and more.

Because our cloud-based secure web gateway is so effective at blocking unknown malware, we offer the industry's only zero malware guarantee

In an instance, Trustwave assisted a U.S. based financial services organization to safeguard their data and network systems. On opting for Trustwave's managed security service, the financial company had access to unified threat management, email security, and intrusion detection along with advanced network monitoring and 24/7 support. With the TrustKeeper portal, the client also gained real-time view of its managed services with easy access to examine account history, run reports and make support requests. “To top it all when the network monitoring services from Trustwave were put to test during a connectivity failure late at night, Trustwave immediately responded and enacted an emergency procedure as part of a remediation plan,” exclaims McCullen.

With an aim to render the best possible services in managed security, the Trustwave SpiderLabs team conducts innovative security research in order to anticipate future possible threats. “With analysis gathered from past data breaches and incident response investigations, Trustwave's security team studies attack techniques to gauge the current and probable move of adversaries. We apply those insights to Trustwave services to deliver constantly updated and proactive threat management,” points out McCullen.

In the days to come, Trustwave plans on staying ahead of the game by forging meaningful partnerships, and expanding the reach of their ASOCs. The company recently enhanced their product Secure Web Gateway (SWG), which comprises physical and virtual appliances, cloud platform, and managed security service options to detect and stop malware. “Because our cloud-based secure web gateway is so effective at blocking unknown malware, we offer the industry's only zero malware guarantee,” informs McCullen.