Top 10 Managed Security Service Companies - 2017

TSC Advantage: Comprehensive Approach to Enterprise Security

Sean Doherty, Co-Founder & President, TSC AdvantageSean Doherty, Co-Founder & President
In today’s world of internet and ecommerce, many organizations lack expertise and budget resources to secure their critical network infrastructure and data. With growing cyber attacks and internal theft occurring at an unprecedented pace, enterprises need to understand the vulnerabilities and improve their cyber posture by using cost-efficient solutions. For more than a decade, TSC Advantage has been providing a wide range of services that support risk, compliance, and information security requirements of organizations across industries and federal agencies. TSC’s security experts leverage best-in-class tools to assess cyber risk, provide prioritized recommendations, craft security and governance programs, and conduct remediation and managed services tailored to business needs.

TSC’s security services are centered on a unique approach. “We ask ourselves before providing any solution what best supports smart businesses—more strategic investments, speedy results, proactive security, and advanced risk insights,” says Sean Doherty, president and co-founder of TSC Advantage. The company’s proficient team assists customers in implementing a top-tier vulnerability management program by delivering internal and external scanning, analysis, reporting, and mentoring. “We can be an extension of your team to save you the hassle of running it yourself, or provide as-needed support and analysis,” he says. TSC’s vulnerability management program helps clients to improve security, pro-actively defend their enterprise information, and effectively garner return on investment.

Doherty cites a real-world instance, where a large healthcare organization needed help in re-architecting its vulnerability management application deployment, which had been underutilized for a year due to staff inexperience and turnover. TSC provided health checks of the architecture, rebuilt it to vendor specifications, then generated reports, dashboards for HIPAA compliance, and tailored scans to assess the system for exposure to critical exploits such as Wannacry and Petya.
TSC empowered the health organization to fully establish its vulnerability management program, assess its attack surface, vulnerabilities, and remediation requirements, and make informed security investments that align with the business goals.

“We also believe that to defend against dynamic cyber attacks, businesses must identify areas of risk across the enterprise including risk created by trusted insiders, external business dependencies, or weak governance,” asserts Doherty. To overcome such risks, TSC Advantage offers a groundbreaking, proprietary decision-making platform— Secure Halo™. The platform helps company leaders to prioritize resources for business-critical needs, including fiduciary and compliance challenges, conducting due diligence, or transferring risk through cyber insurance.

We believe that businesses must identify and manage risk across the enterprise, including risk created by trusted insiders, external business dependencies, or weak governance

The platform also provides both efficiency and depth in cybersecurity with an online assessment of security controls across six business domains: data security, insider threat, internal and external business operations, mobility, and physical security. Being industry agnostic, TSC’s Secure Halo™ meets national and international cybersecurity standards and is based on a unique methodology, which was DHS SAFETY Act designated in 2014. The versatile platform can also help with vendor risk management by displaying aggregated and individual cyber risk across a portfolio of current and potential vendors.

“We plan to continue to roll out differentiating qualities of our Secure Halo™ platform,” says Doherty. As an established assessment provider for global insurance underwriters, TSC Advantage aims to enhance cyber insurance solutions with a new feature that replaces the conventional hand-written cyber insurance applications. “We have also developed new assessment modules that meet sector-specific standards and requirements, such as the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) for small banks and financial services firms, and the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) for government agencies and the hundreds of thousands of contractors upon which the government relies,” concludes Doherty.