Top 10 Managed Security Service Companies - 2018

Winxnet: Protecting Businesses against Threats using Automation and AI

Christopher Claudio, CEO, WinxnetChristopher Claudio, CEO
The volume and sophistication of cyber threats have exponentially grown over the past few years. Attackers no longer intend to target only the digital systems, but also opt for new strategies to use an organization’s workforce to infiltrate their security firewalls. Witnessing this change in the approach undertaken by cyber attackers, multiple firms require digital tools and products that provide proactive threat management, risk mitigation along with educating the employees about these threats in a systematic way. “Businesses need to manage risks in a way that does not limit the ability of the workforce to perform their tasks effectively. There needs to be a balance between protecting the end users or the company from cyber threats without sacrificing the core functions that employees perform within the organization,” says Christopher Claudio, CEO at Winxnet. Established in 1999, Winxnet leverages automation tools, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning to provide holistic and thorough risk protection services to organizations.

Unlike other security monitoring tools available on the market, Winxnet’s security software studies the client’s data and acts on the disruptions it might create. In order to do so and understand the end goals of the customers, Winxnet first engages in a discussion with them to analyze their needs. “We talk to our customers to precisely comprehend what they are trying to accomplish as a business with regard to security measures, and implement our solutions and security managed services such that those needs are fulfilled,” explains Claudio.

Winxnet’s security software applies machine learning and AI to recognize the recurring issues in a system, and implements remediation process to fix the same. The team at Winxnet has also developed an automated ticketing management system that raises a ticket every time the security software identifies an anomaly that could cause issues for the end-users.

We talk to our customers to comprehend what they are trying to accomplish with regard to security and implement solutions such that those needs are fulfilled

After that, the software analyzes the ticket to validate the problem and starts the remediation process to resolve that issue and close the ticket. “Our security software handles the entire process, all the way from the ticket creation to its closure without any human aid,” mentions Claudio.

Further, Winxnet’s focus is majorly on ensuring the scalability of its software to tackle the volume of cyber attacks that are continuously on the rise in today’s digital world. To facilitate the same and also provide a tailored solution to its clients, the company has designed a template within the software that customers can use to customize the current features of the solution according to their unique and distinct requirements. As there are certain standard protocols to manage the application servers, database servers, and web servers, the template allows organizations to adhere to these downtime protocols. Additionally, the template also ensures that the system is rebooted and restored in an appropriate manner after the downtime phase is over. Winxnet’s security software also performs meticulous testing of its client’s products and the cloud data along with making sure that the clients can run database queries, and present users with their web or app interface.

The organic growth of Winxnet over the years has helped it expand across the US in San Diego, Maine, Boston, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Florida. At present, the company’s R&D and software development teams are working to enhance its management software. Subsequently, to improve its offerings, Winxnet strives to continuously develop the automated and self-healing components of its managed security services. The company also aims to acquire and integrate other organizations’ security services into its portfolio in the upcoming three to five years.